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Students of all ages, if you are on holiday – how are your coding skills? Why not try the challenges on CodeMonkey? This is a great way to learn to code if you have little experience – and still fun if you do have some coding skills already.

Can you help the monkey get all his bananas? Look at this simple example – challenge#8; click on the image to see this solution. Note that you learn about loops in later challenges.

Code Monley Example
Code Monkey stars
After each challenge is successfully completed, you will receive a number of stars, note the meaning of each. Did you get all the bananas? Did you use what you learned and were you efficient in your coding?

You have the option to return to the challenge return


or share your great code!

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Copyright Free Images

images red flowers

Google can be used for a search on copyright free images. Let’s suppose you want an image of some red flowers:

Russell Stannard  has some very clear and comprehensive training videos on Google images, note sections 6 and 7 on copyright free images.

There are many more copyright free images available from sites on this list.


online learning

[Via: Colorado Technical University online learning]

From Colerado Technical University comes this infographic which looks at how educational tools have evolved over the years. An infographic is a graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge designed to present complex information clearly.Have a look at the infographic below on Facebook.

If you are feeling creative why not design your own infographic? has a choice of several themes and is easy to use; note the video at the top of the site.
See this article from makeuseof  ‘10 Awesome Free Tools To Make Infographics‘.

Are We Obsessed with Facebook?
Via: Online Schools


For students facing exams some of these online sites on memory may be helpful.

The BBC Brain Smart Site has much useful advice on learning and memory.

The Braingle site has a section on ‘Mentalrobics’ which includes articles and sections on memory tests and building vocabulary.

Test your memory for faces with this game from the BrainBashers site.

Many students find mind mapping a very useful tool for revision – see the resources here which include various online tools for creating mind maps and other diagrams to help your thinking. There is also a video from Tony Buzan who has written many books on mind mapping.

See this study by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as reported in ScienceDaily  (2010, December 6). Be an active learner, not a passive one.
How taking an active role in learning enhances memory. 

View this Qwiki on Memory.

Tools Challenge

There are many excellent free resources online to support your studies as a student.
Try these….

1 Evernote Capture content and ideas, access from any device
2 WolframAlpha Have you ever tried this powerful computational knowledge engine?
3 Research How good are your research skills?
4 Collaborate Collaborate with others on documents.
5 Images Do you know how to find copyright free images?
6 More … Try the other resources on this site – in particular….

What have you tried and what did you like?
Why not collaborate with your fellow students online and add to the Google document as described in
4 Collaborate.