For students facing exams some of these online sites on memory may be helpful.

The BBC Brain Smart Site has much useful advice on learning and memory.

The Braingle site has a section on ‘Mentalrobics’ which includes articles and sections on memory tests and building vocabulary.

Test your memory for faces with this game from the BrainBashers site.

Many students find mind mapping a very useful tool for revision – see the resources here which include various online tools for creating mind maps and other diagrams to help your thinking. There is also a video from Tony Buzan who has written many books on mind mapping.

See this study by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as reported in ScienceDaily  (2010, December 6). Be an active learner, not a passive one.
How taking an active role in learning enhances memory. 

View this Qwiki on Memory.


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