Various reosurces on this blog allow you to be creative – writing stories for example or capturing your thoughts with a mindmap.

From BBC Scotland try Pinball to get your ideas flowing! There are six tools to help your thinking and develop your creativity.

Ryan Chadwick’s site Creativity has many challenges and games to get you thinking. See the About page (scroll down a little) for ‘How to benefit from Creativity Games’.

Make sure you are in a relaxed mood!Choose your theme and turn the sound on!

Oneword – when you click ‘go’ you will see just one word – you have 60 seconds to write about it!

Creative Writing prompts from Creativity Portal

Create a PicLit!

The Image Quiz

Use Edistorm to capture your ideas (for students 13 and over). A free account lets you create as many private storms as you like.
As you add more ideas suggestions based on the words you have used will appear in the recommendations area at the bottom of the screen which you can choose to add to your storm if you wish. Use the votes to note your favourite ideas.


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