Mind Maps can help you organise your thoughts, on JCU Study Skills Online you can read about mind maps and watch a video by Tony Buzan who has published many books on the subject.

The University of Hull has produced this very impressive collection of diagrams on learning.

To create mind maps one of the simplest tools to use is Bubbl.us.
This training video shows you how to use Bubbl.us

can be used by students of any age (with parent / guardian permission). This easy to use site presents just a few nodes at once so information can be clearly presented.

Anther tools for creating mind maps is MindMeister (the free account allows you to save three mind maps at any one time).

Text 2 Mind Map is a very simple application – key in some text and convert it to a simple mind map. You can then save an image of your map. No registration is required.

Lovely Charts allows you to create a variety of diagrams.

The Student Interactives on ReadWriteThink may help you organise your thoughts.

Exploratree from Futurelab allows you to create ’thinking guides’ alone or collaboratively.

There are many ready made templates to complete to help thinking.

Exploratree movie – features guide.

Register in order to save thinking guides and collaborate with others.


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