1 WolframAlpha

Do you always use Google? Depending on the nature of your query try WolframAlpha.

Try some of these examples,

Planetary Data (clicking on the equals sign at the end of any of these queries returns the results.)
Size of Earth size of Jupiter  note the useful visual comparison at the end of the result.

Music – intervals, scales, chords …

People and History

Places and Geography

Words and Linguistics

Maths – WolframAlpha is excellent for Maths – it can be a great way to check your work. To learn about the sort of queries you can use and the syntax needed there is a series of slideshows here. Note the last slideshow with some of the sillier questions you can ask! (How are you? Where do you live?…)

There is in fact a whole gallery of examples available.

Further information on WolframAlpha.


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