Harvard Generator

Added to the Writing page – The Harvard Generator to help you format references and sources in the correct Harvard Referencing Format.
The generator can generate the format for a variety of sources.


A Google a Day

How good are your search skills?

Try Google’s daily puzzle.

Click on ‘About’ for further information. Note that you can see previous puzzles also by clicking on the dates at the bottom of the display.

(Added to the Research page).


Added to the Vocabulary page, use Wordnik to look up a word, Wordnik’s aim is to give as much information as possible about any word. As well as definitions you can see example sentences including the word, a thesaurus entry which interestingly includes words used in the same context as well as synonyms. Each entry includes Flickr images tagged with that word. Wordnik does not require registration but does includes a social aspect, there are comments on each word. It is possible to sign up or alternatively login with Facebook.

Featured Sites

If you are searching for information it may be helpful to try WolframAlpha, see these questions aimed at younger children and the full gallery of examples here.

For an alternative way to search and refine your search try SortFix.

Have you ever tried Google Squared?
You can add your own columns if you wish or even start with an empty square.

Once you have searched on Google you should see a menu on the left; have you ever tried the Wonder wheel or Timeline?
There is further information on Google and searching generally on the Research page.

To create a timeline of your own try Timetoast.
Note there are tutorials on the Timelines page.

To search for copyright free images there are many sites you can use.
See the links on the Images page.

To explore a topic try Power League, see this league for example on student views on redesigning a school.
Note that it is possible to design your own league.

There are many resources to help with your studies, try some of the resources to support writing, spelling and vocabulary, such as Word Stash, Miss Spell’s ClassKnoword and vocabulary.co.il (see the games menu on the left).

Have you tried any of these resources or any others on this site?
Do you think they are helpful?
Why not leave a comment below?


A new page has been added.
See the Audio page for Voki (create speaking avatars) and Isle of Tune where you can build a layout, add sounds and drive cars around to play your masterpiece!


Diagrams & Drawing

Added to the Diagrams page, for an easy way to produce simple mindmaps SpicyNodes can be used by students of any age (with parent / guardian permission). This easy to use site presents just a few nodes at once so information can be clearly presented.

Doink and a Crayola online drawing tool added to the Drawing page (under Creativity).

Students over 13 who enjoy art and animation try Doink. You can create your own work, reuse work by others and share work with your friends. You can post your work to Facebook and YouTube.

The Crayola tool includes a variety of markers and stampers.