Searching For Information

When you research on the Internet, do you always stick to just the basic features of Google?

See this Google help sheet on search tips, try this Google Guide for tutorials, see these Google search features, perhaps try an advanced search.

Do you know How Search Works? See also Anatomy of a Search.

How good are your search skills? Try ‘A Google a Day‘ for a daily puzzle.

Do you know how to search for copyright free images?

For clear explanations on the Internet and browsers see this online book from Google.  

From the University of BristolInternet Detective, a free online tutorial has been designed to help students develop the critical thinking required for their Internet research and from the University of  Berkley – Evaluating Web Pages.
Further tutorials for specific subjects are available from TutorPro’s Virtual Training Suite.
From Acadia University Library try these tutorials.

For some alternative search engines, have you tried Microsoft’s Bing? You could even try Google and Bing together! Try Ask Kids which is aimed at students. Clusty and Carrot2 both present the main results of a search and also give clusters of results on the left of the page. Quintura is a visual search engine; enter your search at the top of the page, note the clickable word cloud generated on the left. See also Quintura for Kids for a family-safe visual search.


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