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Get Revising

BBC Brainsmart explores your brain and discusses how to revise effectively as well as giving useful advice on memory; the site is no longer updated but the material here is still useful.

The Braingle site has a section on ‘Mentalrobics’ which includes articles and sections on memory tests and building vocabulary.

Test your memory for faces with this game from the BrainBashers site.

For a very easy way to create an online test for yourself and friends try Testmoz. No registration is required. This has been written by Matt Johnson, an undergraduate student – the instructions are all very clear and you can check out the rather amusing FAQ!  Try this test on Directed Numbers – log in as a student, the passcode is cy090610


See this article which on how highlighting is a waste of time – note the conclusion to the Time article ‘ditch your highlighter and get busy with your flash cards’.

Try StudyBlue – you and your friends can sign up via Facebook.

ExamTime includes the facility to make Flashcards.

Create flashcards online easily with Flashcardsdb. Click on ‘Get started’ to create an account; note that an email is not required. When you have created a set you could share the link with friends. For example see this small set showing some algebra.

The Student Interactives on ReadWriteThink may help you organise your thoughts.

Drawing a mind map can be an excellent way to revise; see the Diagrams page for information and some online tools you can use.
You could make a Wordle poster with key words or post key facts on a wall or you could even make up a story with key revision facts.

For some good study advice see the various sites mentioned on this page, many of the university sites include advice useful for students still at school.

YouTube Videos – Revision Tips


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