Word Clouds

Wordle allows you to make word clouds. Simply type in your text and click ‘Create’.

Image from http://www.wordle.net/
Note if you use an image from Wordle you should attribitute it to Wordle as above.

To keep words together use the tilde character (~) (eg make~flashcards).
If you would like some words larger than others then type in the same word more than once.
Note that you can change the font, layout and colour-scheme.
Click on randomise to see some of the possibilities.
You can save your Wordle to the Public Gallery – save the link to see your poster again online.
If you create Wordles for revision why not post the link here so others can see your work.

Other sites allow you to create word clouds, try:
Tagxedo which gives you many options including changing the shape of your cloud.
Word It Out

For even more word cloud generators see this jog.

Note that with Wordlings you can sign in with Facebook or Twitter and generate a word cloud from your posts.
You can also paste in other text to create a wordling.


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