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Word Sense enter a word into the search box – learn how to use Word sense here.

Oxford Dictionaries online

Oxford Dictionary Word Games 

Vocabulary Games from Learning Games for Kids

Try the various activities on Word Central

Wordsmyth allows you to look up a word in a choice of three dictionaries – a children’s, beginner’s or advanced dictionary.

WordStash is both a dictionary and vocabulary builder. The site can be used without registering to look up words and hear the pronunciation. It is also possible to see sentences using the word. Users age 13 and over (with parental permission) can create a free account which offers features such as adding words to a stash or creating lists of words.

Use Wordnik to look up a word, Wordnik’s aim is to give as much information as possible about any word. As well as definitions you can see example sentences including the word, a thesaurus entry which interestingly includes words used in the same context as well as synonyms. Each entry includes Flickr images tagged with that word. Wordnik does not require registration but does includes a social aspect, there are comments on each word. It is possible to sign up or alternatively login with Facebook.

VocabAhead – hundreds of words fully and clearly explained using videos.

In the Study Room you could use the flashcards – or try a quiz. How good is your vocabulary?

Word Games from Dictionary.com

Test your vocabulary with Knoword, you will be given a definition and the initial letter of the word.
How many can you get right in the time given. You will receive time bonuses for correct answers.
It is not necessary to register to play the game – just select ‘Play Knoword Now’.

How many of the most common English words can you guess in 5 minutes? Quiz from Quizicon.

MyVocabulary.com has numerous activities including word lists for many books.

Use FreeRice.com to test your vocabulary (or other subject) and help the World Food Programme

Synonym Finder 

WordsLike – thesaurus

Visual Dictionary Online note the choice of themes in the menu on the left

Vocabulary.co.il has extensive resources to improve your vocabulary.
For example do you understand vocabulary in George Orwell’s ‘1984’?

Wordia explains words through videos. Type in your word in the search box to search for a definition and video. Hovering over the images on this page shows which words are explained in the videos.

LanguageGuide.org offers pictorial vocabulary guides in several languages. Hovering over a picture allows you to hear the pronunciation. See the About page for further details.

WordSteps will help you learn vocabulary in several languages. You can use this site without registering. Register if you want to create your own word lists.

Visuwords is an online graphical dictionary or try Snappy Words.


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